What is swinging in Australia?

Swinging in Australia is a wonderful experience. Swingers in Australia understand that swinging is consentual sex between couples. They can have sex within the confines of the relationship and not be punished for it. It’s seen as an addition to a relationship, not the entire relationship. The scene for swingers is growing because many more people are beginning to agree with that sentiment. There are a lot of people that want to add spice to their relationship.

Swinging in Australia has become wildly popular, especially in Melbourne. There is a magazine in Melbourne that has been credited with helping this lifestyle to grow. Vixsin is a magazine that caters to the needs of those that like the lifestyle. It’s enticing to those that are curious about the lifestyle, those living it and many that are thinking of entering the lifestyle. It’s filled with many different stories, pictures as well as personals from other swinging couples. But thats all been superseded with the advent of the ‘net, now online sites like flingfinder, swingersheaven and our personal favorite Swinger Nation have taken over.

With so many people interested in swinging, it’s no wonder that it’s growing. Not only are magazines credited with helping this lifestyle become popular, so is the internet. The internet allows couples to meet online, chat and then meet privately. It’s also the place to get information about the larger swingers’ balls and parties in a discrete manner.

With all the people that are into the swinging lifestyle, they all know and understand the etiquette that is required in those situations. Those that are new to the lifestyle are normally taught quickly that it’s a lifestyle coated in respect. Those that try to use swinging as a way to have causal sex with random people are quickly discovered and removed from those events. Australians have an open mind when it comes to the sexual preferences of couples but they ensure they keep those preferences respectfully fun.